I remember when I was 11 years old I begged my parents for my first dog, finally after months of this they gave in.  The following Saturday my Dad drove me to the local animal shelter in our family station wagon.  I picked out a small white puppy with a brown patch on his left eye and ears.  My Dad filled out the paper work, and then we packed back in to the station wagon heading home.  I was so excited I sat in the back seat with a constant watch on my new puppy.  My parents were big fans of John Wayne, so it only seemed appropriate that my new puppy would be called Duke.  Once we arrived home, I promptly placed him on my big floor pillow and took a picture.  Duke was my constant companion through Junior High and High School.  For fourteen years he was part of our family, going with us on vacations and trips to the park and beach.

My entire life I have surrounded myself with dogs, both my own and numerous foster dogs.  After 15 years of working in Information Technology I left to pursue my lifelong passion of working with dogs.  I choose to specialize in off-leash trail hikes as I have seen the additional benefits it has provided to the well-being of my own dogs with the exercise and mental stimulation they receive while on the trails.